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Yahoo! Groups : Hidradenitis
Most definitely the largest online hidradenitis support group with over 2000 members and a message archive dating back to 1998! A great starting place for support, information, help and answers. Make sure you check out the photos, files and databases for more information. Forum
Discussion board created and maintained by this site. We have tons of information- FAQs, remedies, natural healing and nutrition ideas, radiation talk, and much more...

Yahoo! Groups : HS-Awareness
Support through activism! A group created to spread the word and raise awareness about hidradenitis to the public, the media and the medical community with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. This is the place to speak out about your suffering and turn it into something positive.

Yahoo! Groups : HidradenitisWorldwide
An international support- and medical information exchange group hosted by Becky Hume. The core of this group has maintained one of the longest-running hs-forums on the net!

Yahoo! Groups : Hidradenitis in Men
This group is dedicated to providing support and a discussion platform for men with Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Girl Talk
This group is a place where women can talk about things that might be uncomfortable to discuss around the men.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Relationships
This is a group for people that have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and would like to talk more about how HS affects their relationships and intimacy.

Yahoo! Groups: HCSC
Hidradenitis Community Support Group for personalized support and conversation. 

Yahoo! Groups : HS Healing Hearts
A group for sufferers and their families who live in the USA and abroad. Medical professionals are encouraged and welcome to participate in this list. This list be conductive in a supportive atmosphere.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Natural Healing
Focused on ways to heal HS (and related diseases) naturally. The group is focused on trying different natural things and reporting back on their experiences.

Yahoo! Groups : Weight-Loss
Group of people with HS shedding the fat! While we know that being overweight isn't the cause of this disease, it is accepted knowledge that excess weight may aggravate it. Off with the pounds!

Yahoo! Groups : HS Hugs
There are many groups and message boards that offer great support for hidradenitis sufferers, but they often lack support in terms of humor, spirituality and good old-fashioned fun. HUGS stands for Hidradenitis Understanding and Giving Support to HSer’s. This group is wide open in concept allowing all forms of conversation, including venting, off subject topics and jokes.

Yahoo! Groups : HidraTeen
This group is for pre-teens, teens and young adults who suffer from HS.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Spouses   
This is a group where those married or in a relationship with people who have Hidradenitis Suppurativa can come together to vent frustrations and feelings of helplessness while our loved ones are in pain, or embarrassed by their disease.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Family and Friends
Let’s face it, hidradenitis effects our family and friends, too. They have questions and issues and need support from others who are in the same situation. This group was set up especially for the friends and family of HS sufferers.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Christian Prayer
A Christian prayer support group.

Yahoo! Groups : HS Singles Hotspot
If you’re single and you have HS, you know how difficult it is to deal with the subject of self-worth and relationships. This is your place to share and discuss these issues and maybe even find your soul mate.

Yahoo! Groups : Living with HS
Living with hidradenitis isn’t easy but each of us learns to cope and get by. A group for sharing the trials and triumphs of our daily lives.

Yahoo! Groups : bumpbuddies
An email message list for people with hidradenitis suppurativa and who wish to find/give support to other people with HS through humor and friendship

Yahoo! Hidradenitis Scientific And Medical Research
This group seeks out HS-specific research papers and explores alternative patient-focused research and treatment paths. HiSci aims to increase public and medical awareness about the need for basic research into HS and attempts to synthesize and explain the sum total of what is known about HS.

MSN : Hidradenitis Support Club
A hidradenitis support group on MSN.

Usenet Newsgroup:
You can access this group either via your news-reader, or right in your web-browser through Google groups.

SkinCell International Forum
This is a "skin-related disease" discussion forum.  It may be a great place to meet people with other skin disorders, or find people with HS who don't know yet what they have.